Connections 2019 Registration

Connections Description

Welcome to Connections 2019!

Connections is the final component of a TCU student's First-Year Experience (after Orientation, Frog Camp and Frogs First). It is a 7-week program designed to help new students develop leadership skills and transition successfully into the TCU community. In weekly small-group sessions facilitated by two Student Mentors and one Faculty/Staff Mentor, new students not only develop a more thorough understanding of their identity by engaging in activities and discussions about their personal values and strengths, but also create meaningful relationships with peers, upperclassmen, and faculty and staff members. 

Connections meets each Wednesday between September 4th and October 16th from 3:30-4:50 PM. The check-in event will be the first week of school on August 28th. Before the first day of class, students will receive additional information about the program via their TCU email.

Benefits of completing the Connections program: 

  • Friendship with peers who are also new to TCU
  • Support from experienced student leaders
  • Personal guidance from a caring faculty or staff member
  • Better understanding of campus resources
  • Introduction to leadership opportunities on campus
  • Personal development opportunities
  • 1 credit toward the Leadership Scholars Program