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The TCU Leadership Center, in collaboration with the Gallup organization, is excited to offer strengths-based training that allows your organization to achieve excellence, as an individual and as a part of an organization, by working from a position of strength. CliftonStrengths is designed to help people become more aware of their natural talents and the strengths of others in order create actionable, strategic plans that reflect the mission, goals, and vision of the organization.

Trained CliftonStrengths facilitators are prepared to discuss the individual needs of your organizations in order to create a Strengths-related environment that caters to your participants. Workshops can address topics such as Strengths in relation to individual roles, group dynamics and relationships, task completion, purpose, or other organization issues or concerns.

Please note that we need to receive your request at least 2 weeks before your proposed workshop/training.

A roster of participants should be uploaded with submission of this form. 

If you do not have a complete participant list at the time of submission, please send to the Leadership Center at at least one week prior to your requested workshop date(s).  We will then send your participants instructions and codes to take the inventory.

Contact the TCU Leadership Center ( or 817-257-7855 with questions.

First Name
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Organization Name
Number of participants (codes needed)
Date of Requested Workshop
Presentation Start Time - please note our entry-level presentation is a 45 minute minimum
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Purpose of Training

Please let us know why you are requesting this workshop and what you would like to accomplish with your organization/team/class.
Participant List

If available, please attach a sorted list of all participants needing StrengthsQuest Codes. This will expedite the process and ensure all participants have access to the online Strength Finder assessment. The following information is required for each participant: -Name -Email address -TCU ID Number (if TCU student/faculty/staff)
Presenter(s) Requested